I.T Services

IT Services

Vangani , I.T Support company.

Our IT Support Services look after all of your business’s IT needs. We ensure your network is protected with anti-virus software, live monitoring and data backups.

Maintenance and support tasks are performed regularly to ensure your computers and networks are running at optimal levels at all times.

As a support contract client, we become your IT department and you have access to your very own IT manager to assist you with your IT strategy, planning, budgets and management.

We understand that all businesses rely on their networks to be fast, reliable and secure.  With our deep understanding, knowledge and experience of building computer networks we will create the most cost effective, fast, reliable and secure network for your business.
From internet connectivity options, data cabling to WiFi design and deployment, we offer you the best solutions to fit your business.

If you struggle with slow access to applications between multiple offices, we have an office to office, office to cloud optimization solution for you.

This will speed up access to remote applications and data for your remote users.

So let us speed up your business with our Internet Services.

Managed IT Service

Many IT service providers that work with small businesses are called managed service providers. This can actually encompass a variety of specifics, but allows the business to service the company’s network on an ongoing basis at a regular rate. It is often less costly for companies over time, since it can prevent expensive problems from forming in the first place.

On Demand IT

Another way to structure an IT service business is by offering services on demand. You can still offer the same variety of specific functions. But instead of companies paying a regular monthly fee, they just pay for each individual service when they need it.

Computer Repair

If you prefer working with hardware like computers, motherboards and graphics cards, you can provide repair services for companies or individuals in your area. This type of work does usually require meeting with clients in person at some point, so you probably need to focus your target market within your local community.

Network Security

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all businesses. So evaluating and responding to potential threats is a popular service for a lot of IT businesses. IT Secure offers this as one of the services in its managed IT offerings. But some businesses also offer it as a separate service.

Database Management

A database is the system that a business uses to monitor and access its data throughout the lifecycle. It would include things like customer and employee information, sales and finances. Database management includes organizing that data to ensure compliance, security and performance of data-driven applications.

Software Support

If you enjoy dealing with software products like those that run databases, spreadsheets or multimedia, you can offer a service where you provide support for users that are in need of technical fixes. You can focus on a specific type of software or list of programs, or offer a more generalized service.